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To all prospective contestants: This contest remains open and will make awards for the lunar-centric challenge due on April 15, 2010. In addition, due to NASA's recent change of focus from a manned lunar mission to other exploration priorities, we will also accept Mars themed entries for the April 15 due date. Next fall, we expect to change the challenge of the artcontest to reflect new NASA missions.

  • College and University Division

  • Best Overall Score, College

  • Crater Core Sample
    by Zachary Madere
    Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Lakewood, CO

  • First 2D College tie

  • Untitled
    by Jesse Lenz
    West Liberty State College, West Liberty, WV

  • First 2D College tie

  • 2054
    by Brent Bishop
    University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO

  • First 3D College

  • Darkside of the Moon
    by Kristine Beam
    Winston Salem State University, Winston Salem, NC

  • First Video College

  • Welcome to the Moon
    by Chi Thien Pham
    IESA ( Institut d'Etudes Supérieures des Arts), Paris, France

  • Second 2D College

  • To Reach the Heavens
    by Joseph Alvernaz
    California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Second Video College

  • Lunar Research Colony
    by Elyse Bromser-Kloeden and Tim Curry
    Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

  • Honorable Mention: College Students

    (Alphabetically by last name)

  • A day on the Moon
    by Claire Barber
    Central Connecticut State University, CT

  • Inter-Colony Bus System
    by Anson Cheung
    Rhode Island School of Design, RI

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  • Art in the Absence of Light
    by Clinton Sleeper, Lavurne Jeffreys, Kristen Kohashi, Andrew Legarza, and Victor Simone
    University of Nevada at Reno, NV

  • We are back
    by Bart Sitek
    Warsaw School of Computer Science, Poland

  • Lunar Outpost
    by Stephan Wlodarczyk
    Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

  • High School or Secondary School Division

  • Best Overall Score, High School

  • Life and Work on the Moon
    by Pratham Karnik
    Walt Whitman High School, Rockville, MD

  • First Digital High School

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  • Return to the Moon
    by Matthew Bruemmer
    Ronald Reagan High School, San Antonio, TX

  • First 3D High School

  • Lunar Complex Aerial View
    by Sami Khaleeq, Brian Lemke, Mason Tang, Karl Schaefer, Kenny Lam
    Clear Brook High School, Houston, TX

  • First 2D High School

  • The Worlds First Civilization on the Moon
    by Josh Kim
    Kent Mountain View Academy, Auburn, WA

  • Second Digital High School

  • Transportation on the Moon
    by Raina Huang
    Bexley High School, Columbus, OH

  • Second 3D High School

  • Moon House
    by Kyle Smith
    Shenandoah Valley Governor's School, Waynesboro, VA

  • Second 2D High School

  • Coexisting in Harmony
    by Sarah Han
    Vision 21 Art and Design Portfolio School, Los Angeles, CA

  • Honorable Mention: High School Students

    (Alphabetically by last name)

  • Monday Morning
    by Steven Baltay
    Woodside High School, CA

  • Alternative View 2
    Alternative View 3
  • Space Station
    by Craig Barnett
    Olathe Northwest High School, KS

  • A Way Of Trasprortation On The Moon
    by Oscar Barragan
    James Logan High School, CA

  • Lunar Colonies
    by Jason Bernotsky
    Dunmore High School, PA

  • Moon Base
    by Jan Fahlbusch
    Arendell Parrott Academy, NC

  • Amid the Stars
    by Kristen Fahy
    Hopatcong High School, NJ

  • Mosaic Moon
    by Brayan Feliz
    New Day Academy, NY

  • Eden Colony
    by Spencer Hedeen
    Whiting High School, WY

  • Moon Picture
    by Chris Kassabian
    Westlake High School, TX

  • 238,897 Miles From Earth
    by Ashley Kim
    Vision 21 Art and Design Portfolio School, CA

  • School on the Moon
    by Julie Kyun
    Vision 21 Art and Design Portfolio School, CA

  • "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"
    by Rita Oceguera
    Banning High School, CA

  • Bacon, Beef Todd Lunar Ranch
    by Eric Rasmussen, Larson Tood, Alex Rogers, John Galvin, and Josh Schwanz
    Galva-Holstein High School, IA

  • Space Project
    by Donald Williams
    Advanced Technology Center, VA

  • The Magnificent Meteoroids
    by Marissa Zhong
    Richard Montgomery High School, MD

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