The 2011 Future of Flight Art & Design Contest, is now open for registration. Please have faculty letter and your artist statement prepared and ready to upload BEFORE registering. All artwork (painting, sketch, sculpture, modeling, etc.) is uploaded as a digital image. Music and Video are uploaded through youtube and the code is sent to the web master,

All literature and video must be in the English language. We cannot accept entries in languages other than English.

Literature is uploaded as one pdf document, regardless of the number of pages. Documents that are not combined into one pdf file will be disqualified.

For complete details on the contest theme see

For all questions, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Ward,

Note: Student submissions shall be treated as being free of restrictions and limitations on their use, reproduction, and publication.



What kind of art is eligible?
Two dimensional, Three dimensional, Digital and Animations will be accepted. Screen size and submission protocols will be posted on this site by November 1.

Two Dimensional Art
Art students can submit two-dimensional art in any media they choose; however, the size of the actual art must not be larger than 30" by 40".  One image of the work will be submitted initially at a minimum of 150 dpi resolution and with a screen size limitation of TBD.

Three Dimensional Art
Art should be no larger than 3 ft x 3ft x 3ft and can weigh no more than 20 pounds.  Any media can be used as long as it is within the size limit.  . Initially, three different images of the artifact can be submitted, each with a minimum of 150 dpi resolution and with a screen size limit of TBD.

Digital Art
Computer generated art should be no larger than 1 GB in size and is limited to file formats that can be read by standard computer software.  Initially, lower resolution files are preferred. Viewing area for optimal resolution of initial entry should not exceed a standard size computer monitor.

Animation Art
Animation of life and work on the moon should be no longer than 2 minutes. Flash video files are preferred, but .mov and .avi files will be accepted. It is also permissible to submit the video to youtube and then send us the link. Size limit for video files is 1 GB.

Size limitations on image files for 2D and 3D artwork:
All image files for the initial entry should be submitted only as .JPG and be sized to fit on a 20 inch monitor screen. The file size (in KB or MB) will vary depending on the size of the original artwork and the media in which it was created. For judging the art, images need to fit on a monitor screen so judges can view it as a whole instead of having to look at parts of it because it is so large.

Later, if the art is selected for an award, then the image file should be submitted to the contest administrator at higher resolution so the art can be printed at the size it was created. This will vary, but should be between 150 and 300 dpi and generally be 1 MB or larger in size. When winners are chosen, we’ll need the highest resolution size possible in order to print it for exhibit. If we can print at high resolution, we will not need the original artwork to be shipped to NASA for exhibit purposes. For any questions on the submission format, please contact the contest administrator

Awards and Exhibits
Selected works will be chosen for exhibits at NASA facilities across the country, including Washington, DC.  We also expect to award cash prizes and certificates. Award amounts are subject to available funds.

Evaluation criteria
The entries will be judged not only on creativity and originality, but also on whether they depict a realistic scenario for the harsh lunar environment. Students are encouraged to consult suggested resources posted on the competition website and to consult with scientists and engineering students or faculty at their institutions.