What's Your Horizon?


Prismacolor and chalk pastel on black paper.

Artist Statement

Human space flight tends to open human perspective and broaden our horizons. Human spaceflight in the past has lead to advances in all areas of science: medicine, physics, computer technology, indoor plumbing, among others and will continue to lead to scientific advances in the future. But throughout all of human spaceflight, we have looked at the sky and fell on our knees speechless at its overwhelming beauty. I wanted to capture that emotion in my drawing. Today, many doubt the value of human space flight and I wanted to ask them “What is your horizon?” This approximately 2 foot by 1.5 foot piece is one of my largest works of art as of yet and has posed the greatest challenge – how to draw the night sky and how to create the illusion of endless depth on a 2D surface. I drew two astronauts in a space shuttle staring out into space as the Milkyway seems to appear behind their destination. The destination is a small red planet resembling Mars but could represent any other future destination as well. I tried to make the interior of the space craft resemble Space Shuttle Atlantis so an astronaut may look at the picture and think “hey, I’ve been here before!” Also I positioned the astronauts so an onlooker may feel as if he or she could be inside the spacecraft as well. The face of one astronaut shows as a shadow against the light of the universe while the other astronaut stares ahead in wonder. I used prismacolor, acrylic and pastel on black paper.