MESUS (Industrial Design)


MESUS is basically a futuristic unmanned spacecraft cum aircraft which can take off from a runway.It continues it's flight into space upon which it detaches one of it's supplementary shuttle which carries researchers from earth to moon which is already made habitable by man.Similarly, it releases it's another supplementary shuttle which transports researchers from earth to mars which is already made habitable by man.Then it's main shuttle heads for a black hole and finds a way for interstellar space travel.

Artist Statement

We would like to hereby bring forward to you that we, Arnab Chatterjee and Shuvam Barik have great affection for science and according to us we feel that science is the watchword for the progress of humanity and we all know that if science can be utilized in a better way, we can find a way for the evolution of the whole earth.\r\n\r\nWe have been inspired form the various television documentaries provided by NASA to the various TV channels. From our childhood we had an urge to make new innovations that will bring into an evolution for the whole world. We have been designing aircrafts and spacecrafts since when we were in the fifth grade and our designs and drawings have been appreciated by many persons and institutions and thereby we would like to participate in this prestigious international event.